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"It’s really important to know who you are. You’re gonna win in the end because of that." - Naya Rivera

get to know me meme: (4/5) ladies - brooke davis

when i was a freshman i wasn’t a very good person. i mean sure i was popular and dated seniors, but as a person i was pretty lost. and over the last four years i’ve been forced to grow up. i stopped letting boys define me and i started believing in myself and in my potential. i ran for student council president and i designed a clothing line and somewhere along the way, the lost little party girl became the girl on the wall of honour.

I think that you’re my best mate.

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"and i’m sure now more than ever that i belong with you."

In some ways, Brittany has always been waiting for Santana. Not waiting by locking herself away and pining, but waiting while she’s living, waiting for Santana to acknowledge the things that have always been true. (x)