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Pretty Little Liars 3.20-Sneak Peek-Hot Water[x]

one tree hill challenge | [3/20] ships Brooke Davis & Haley James Scott.

When I first met Brooke Davis, she had no idea who I was. Of course everyone knew who she was, she was the most popular girl in school. I used to wonder back then ‘What would it be like to be friends with Brooke? Would she make me popular? Would all the boys start asking me out?’ And then one night I got to hang out with Brooke, all night. She didn’t like my name, so she decided she was gonna give me a name that which ended up being… Brooke. And from that moment I knew that I wanted Brooke to be my friend. Not because she was gonna make me popular, and not because boys would start asking me out, but because I got a glimpse of the real Brooke. A girl with the biggest heart that I have ever known. And you know, when you’re in high school, it’s not very easy to let people see who you really are. I could see it though, it was in the eyes. So we became friends, and now she’s my best friend. We’ve been through so much together over the years, and our friendship is still growing.

Fangirl Challenge: [7/10] Female Characters » Haley James Scott
"I'm just Haley. That really should be enough."

Meant to be.

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I knew you were trouble when you walked in
So shame on me now
Flew me to places I’d never been
Now I’m lying on the cold hard ground
The devil in you I suppose.
‘cause the wounds never heal